BEACH PALACE, The World Islands on Dubai Coast, UAE

$20 Million· Palace (FOR SALE)

Topline Summary
1. Starting from AED 100 Million
2. Construction started mid 2016
3. 9 palaces have been sold with only 1 available.
4. GCC/Middle East nationals have expressed the most interest in Beach Palaces, Including
members of the Saudi royal family
5. There is 6 to 12m space between each property, which is covered by landscaped gardens to provide
shade and privacy
6. The sea view palaces are mostly sought after, therefore higher in price.
7. HRH’s palace is the largest of all the palaces, approximately four times the size of the other palaces and
is much higher in value.
8. The design of HRH’s palace is different from the other palaces, however the glass roof with panoramic
views has been maintained

Construction Info:
• 10 Beach Palaces to be built on The World Island
• Official Handover – Beginning Q4 2018
• Start of Construction – Q2/3 2016
• Total size of Island – As per affection plan is 19,894m2
Size of the Palaces and Surroundings
• Total Plot Allocation with beach and Garden – Ranging from 1,308.3 m2 – 4,262.65 m2
• Total Plot Built up area:
o 26,445.42 Sqft or 2456.86 m2 – Standard Palaces
o 95,940.93 Sqft or 8913.20 m2 – HRH Palace
• Total number of bedrooms:
o Standard Palaces – 7 bedrooms
o HRH Palace – TBC
• Total submerged area (The sea around each palace) – Ranging from 668 m2 – 6,695.39 m2

PLEASE NOTE – Floor measurements don’t include HRH palace. This is still at design stage.

Lower Ground Floor – 359.48m2
o Gym and fitness centre
o Massage and spa room
o Sauna room
o Snow room
o Toilet and shower room
o Main kitchen
o Staff quarters
o Separate entry for staff

Ground Floor – 625.64m2
o Foyer
o Living and dining space
o Service kitchen
o Guest bedroom ( Bedroom 1)
o Guest toilet and shower room
o Infinity pool area and 2 x Jacuzzis
o Elevator access up to third floor

Mezzanine Floor – 366.71 m2
o Bedroom 2 with en-suite, walk-in closet and balcony
o Bedroom 3 with en-suite, walk-in closet and balcony
o Bedroom 4 with en-suite, walk-in closet and balcony
o Bedroom 5 with en-suite, walk-in closet and balcony
o Living space and lounge

First Floor – 353.32 m2
o Bedroom 6 with en-suite, walk-in closet and balcony
o Master bedroom (bedroom 7) with en-suite, walk-in dressing and closet area, en-suite with
Jacuzzi and balcony

Party Roof – 567.35 m2
o 360 glass roof view
o Party room in roof with Jacuzzi and bar
o Staircase access to roof top

Roof top Terrace ( Viking Sky Terrace ) – 71.43 m2
o Open air terrace with 360 panoramic views and sitting area and fireplace.

Features and Facilities in and around Beach Palaces:
• Private landscaped gardens for privacy with over 67 species of plants, trees and shrubs
• Floor to ceiling glass walls on every floor and bedroom with balcony access
• Private beach access with full ownership rights
• Coral populated sea from Marine Life Centre, with oysters for a diving and snorkeling
• Access to events, restaurants and attractions at the resorts and facilities

Fit out and Finishing:
• 5 palaces to be fitted out with Bentley Home furnishing and interior décor
• The other 5 palaces will be bespoke fit out based on client request
• Marble floors and walls sourced from Europe
• Glass roof sourced from Europe

• Arrival to the World Islands – By Boat, Seaplane or Helicopter.
• Shuttle Service every 15mins for guests, with pick-up points
• Accessibility within the Island – By Club car, Boat, Abra or Walking
• Guests can also moor their private yacht within The World islands

For more information please contact:

The World Islands on Dubai Coast
Maheesa Sarrigani
+971 55 100 8336


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