About Us

InvestAbroad.in is an aggregated platform for Global Real Estate providing an opportunity to explore and acquire international properties. With property listings from more than 15 countries, it gives you investment options around the world. Properties are showcased from US, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, UAE, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia. With a vast network of real estate agents across India, you can buy and sell international properties without much hassle. Whether it is your dream home abroad, a secure investment for the future or an additional source of income or just a place to spend your vacations in, you’ll find it all here. We also aim to impart knowledge about various real estate investment opportunities, recent trends, legality and compliances of the top countries where Indian’s invest.

InvestAbroad.in is powered by International Real Estate Expo (IREX). IREX is an annual show that presents investment avenues for high net worth and wealthy individuals who intend to invest in international real estate and premium luxury properties. The show draws high net worth visitors from all over India and has participation from leading real estate developers and investment firms from US, UK, UAE, Australia, Cyprus, Greece, Sri Lanka, Thailand etc. The show serves as an innovative meeting platform and brings international real estate developers face to face with individual and corporate investors, real estate agents, property marketing companies and professionals from all over India. Through the show, the participants can create brand awareness and exposure in the fast growing Indian market for international real estate.

InvestAbroad.in aims to be the a comprehensive platform providing international real estate investment knowledge and opportunities to those interested to invest in property abroad.